Anyone know when arrow season 2 will come to netflix?

I last read it will be on Netflix the same day as the Season 3 premeire.

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Product of a Broken Home.” Co-starring AJ & @celestebonin!
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Shipping Olicity like no tomorrow and giving no fucks…

Yo but seriously, can this fandom just quit with the Laurel hate? It’s annoying. Her arc is going to be one of the most satisfying parts of the show. Just saying.

Not everyone in this fandom is anti-Laurel. Its tiring reading Oliciters getting blamed for the bitching about Laurel.  Many Olicity fans on here are also Laurel fans.  Personally I’m not a Laurel fan, but that doesn’t have do with Olicity.  Its how she’s been portrayed and written these two seasons and I hope they do better for her this upcoming season.  

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I South Parked Arrow 

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A Request if I may…

Could ALL Arrow fans just calm the hell down about the placement of the Season 3 poster please?!  I personally like how they did it in man-woman order.  Would’ve loved to have seen Thea on it, but it is what it is. Its just a poster.

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People’s Choice Lists ‘Arrow’ in 25 Premiere Dates To Know This Fall

October 8: Watch Oliver and Felicity’s first kiss on Arrow
The new season premieres on Wednesday, October 8th at 8/7c, and features some fresh faces and love interests.

Click here to see the whole list.

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I have been wondering something. Is this Olicity thing sincere? Is it really meant to go somewhere? Is Felicity really supposed to be his Lois(or Lana)?

Or is it just a romance that won’t last and Felicity just a girl Oliver needs right now and thinks he’s in love with(like he thought he loved…

Never once have I seen her compared to Lois lol. The only character I’ve seen her compared to is Chloe cause of Chloe’s tech knowledge and that she ends up with Oliver aka the green arrow.

I’m really tired of all these comparisons to Clark/Lana/Lois with Oliver/Laurel/Felicity. They all have zero in common with the other.

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Hold the phone here... Its your birthday today? Holy Hannah we share the same birthday!! lol Hope you had a great day! :)





#TeamVirgo FTW!

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Had a great birthday today! Feels odd to say I’m 26 now lol.

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